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DCOFNY offers full service floor preparation services. Most problems associated with concrete come from pre-existing floor conditions and the way they are handled. DCOFNY values proper preparation , which is vital for a lasting floor.

Floor prep requires just as much professionalism as the installation of a flooring surface, and many times even more. Foreseeing potential problems and dealing with them head-on is the best way to guarantee your project is built to last. We believe in honest, hard work and guarantee our staff members are trained and certified. Our technicians work diligently and intelligently, and always do it the right way. We live by the idea that in order for a floor to be a good floor, there can’t be shortcuts.

We use specialized machinery to remove carpet, tile, epoxy, glue, thin set and virtually anything else you will find on a floor. If you’re planning on a grind and polish or installing ceramic tiles, VCT, a wood floor, or even carpet, we make sure your new floor installs properly. With our many years of experience, we know how to solve any issues we encounter along the way.


Full Floor Preparation

From rip-out to scarifying, shot-blasting and surface prep such as shaving and grinding, we offer full-service flooring preparations.

Patching & Underlayment

Our factory-trained and certified technicians will patch any existing crevices or flaws and make sure the underlayment goes down smoothly.

Glue and Mastic Removal

We have the knowledge and the tools to remove the stickiest of coatings.

Paint Removal
We have experience in shot-blasting and grinding, and can provide either option depending on your needs.

Epoxy Removal
Using the latest in grinding technology, we can work down any coating.

Tile, Carpet, Linoleum Removal
Let us remove your floor the right way the first time, saving you thousands in floor preparation costs.

Oil and Grease Removal
Our chemical and mechanical services will rid your floor of any preexisting oil or grease which may be problematic.

The Decorative Concrete team will go over any potential problems with you, ensuring you are satisfactorily informed and are making the right decisions. We can help you through any issues that come up – with over a quarter century of experience, we’ve encountered and solved every problem thrown our way.

We provide competitive rates, free estimates, and the finest customer service. In fact, your satisfactionis our first priority.

At DCOFNY, we are dedicated to getting the job done right. We guarantee on-time, on-budget performance for every project, no matter how large or small. Call us at 631-569-2830 or email us as

Decorative Concrete of New York

Old Navy dressing romm BEFORE

Decorative Concrete of New York

Old Navy dressing room AFTER

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