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Grinding & Polishing

Polished concrete has been a versatile, sustainable, and economical flooring alternative in large retail, commercial and industrial facilities for years. Today with the advances in technology and equipment it is equally as effective for smaller facilities, including residential applications.

From art galleries to hair salons and manufacturing plants to shopping malls, polished concrete floors are the choice solution. There are many benefits to polished concrete:

  • Exceptional abrasion resistance

  • High compressive strength

  • Environmental friendliness

  • Slip resistant

  • Allergy resistant

  • Cost-effective

  • Low maintenance

  • Customizable color and design

  • Exceptional durability & longevity

  • A naturally beautiful appearance

Recent Industry Developments

Advances in technology and equipment for this industry have made the amazing and durable option affordable for many new projects, large and small. Artisan finishes can now be laid in places where previously the size and weight of machinery CHANGE TO WERE a deterrent. Some of the exciting new industry developments include:

  • New equipment design that is small enough and lighter weight to be used at virtually every job site

  • Equipment that can operate on standard household electricity

  • Dust collection and control systems that permit clean work

  • Advances in diamond grinding materials that allow polishing to mirror levels of reflectivity

  • Newly available concrete dyes and stains along with integrally colored concrete

  • Chemical densifiers and hardeners that virtually allow any structurally sound floor to be polished

  • Lower initial cost compared to most traditional floor coverings

  • Allergy-free alternative and newly facilitates LEED accreditation

In recent years decorative concrete has caught the eye of architects, top designers, and decorators. This type of flooring is a highly desirable option for the garage, kitchen, basement, or the whole home in private residences. Decorative concrete is the crossroads of classic and contemporary design REMOVE COMMA and offers the opportunity for truly unique and astonishing floors.

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