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Microtoppings & Concrete Stains

Microtoppings can involve a good deal of creativity. Specialty toppings can range from natural rock aggregate like formica to elaborate stamping or saw cuts to reflect the beauty of your store, restaurant, company or home.

Stained concrete is a popular choice for interior floors because of its warm, earthy tones. Concrete can be naturally colored so it complements other elements in a room. While stains are the most common, other coloring options include painting, dying and the application of tinted sealers. Here at Decorative Concrete of New York, we have a color-match guarantee for new applications.

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Decorative Concrete of New York

DeccoFloor Flexible Concrete

We recently teamed up with DeccoFloor Flexible Concrete, which provides smooth, high-end coatings for decorative concrete. DeccoFloor products are climate-resistant, quick-drying, easy-to-maintain finishes. Microtopping options with DeccoFloor include:

  • Oxytop: based on oxidized iron & gives a new [chic] rusty look to your surfaces

  • Microtop Plus: a powerful, tough and flexible mix of cement, minerals, ceramic and a high grade polymer

  • Rustic: perfectly balanced stone texture and rustic look

  • Custom colorations and more!

Dear Decorative Concrete of NY,

It is our pleasure to welcome you as a new Certified Contractor of Deccofloor Flexible Concrete. We are pleased to be strategically aligning ourselves with your company, believing that this is dually a winning combination. Known for the avant garde portfolio of products Deccofloor has been offering and combining that with your outstanding team of craftsmen and their expertise on the decorative concrete world, we should see a great deal of success come from this relationship.

We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to join forces with Decorative Concrete of New York. Our commitment to our distributors continues to lie in the offering of excellent service and competitive prices for our systems. We look forward to a mutually rewarding partnership with your company long into the future and again, we welcome you as one of our valued Certified Contractor.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. An opportunity to further converse with you about our new strategic alliance would be well received.

Yours very truly,

Martin Cordo
Director, Decco Floor Flexible Concrete


Decorative Concrete of NY offers many decorative treatments that will make your floor an easy-to-maintain work of art or conversation piece. By taking advantage of budding new technology and materials, we can offer a limitless variety of creative options. Mica flakes, quartz, glow in the dark, metallic looks, high build gloss sealers, coloring and stains, saw cuts, inserts, decals and hand-painted patterns are just a few of the things we can do. When working with brand-new applications, we can match color to your exact taste.

We are experts in self-leveling and underlayments which can raise a floor or create a useable surface regardless of how rough or unfinished the previous surface was. We specialize in both creating new artistic effects and in working with classic colors.

Decorative Concrete of NY works onretail, food & dining, commercial, industrial, and residential projects, offering a limitless variety of design options.

Call Decorative Concrete of NY today for a free, no hassle, no obligation design consultation.

Decorative Concrete New York
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