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DCOFNY offers a full spectrum of decorative concrete services, including:

  • Demolition:  Flooring removal done professionally as to not cause any more damage than is necessary, leaving a ready to work surface.  We have the right equipment to do this type of work ranging from heavy duty ride-on scrapers, electric scrapers, shaving machines, scarifying machines, grinders, and hand tools.


  • Diamond Grinding and Polishing:  Our machines range from our HTC 1500 hi capacity  ride-on to standard 32” machines, and even smaller machines such as the SASE 6000 along with every other piece of equipment you could imagine, and then some.  We are certified by RetroPlate, Vexcon Chemicals, and Diamatic and able to offer the highest quality systems available.


  • Self-Leveling:  From finished polishable surfaces to low cost underlayment’s we do it all.  We are certified and factory trained by Ardex, CTS Cement, CMP Specialty Products, Key Resin, and Laticrete.  Whether a 100 square foot bathroom or a 10,000 square foot retail store we can do it.


  • Concrete Staining: From a solid color, multicolor, acid stain or stencil job we can meet your design needs.  We work with many different stains to achieve the specific results specified.


  • Micro Toppings:  These specialized applications can be installed on just about any stable solid surface and can create some of the most beautiful floor finishes.  This is truly an artisan effect that rivals that of waxed artisan plastering.  Color, style, and effect is only limited by the imagination you approach the design and job with.  Our craftsmen have years of experience in applying these finishes and can provide anything from a slick modern finish to an old-world rustic finish.


  • Specialized Finishes and Coatings:  Epoxy, Polyaspartic, Anti-Static, Urethane and many more coatings along with Vinyl Flake, Quartz, Aggregate finishes are just a few that we install.  Garages, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Showrooms, Operating Rooms, Labs are just a few places we work in.  From environmentally friendly, anti-static, and bacterially safe we work with them all.


  • ​White Boxing:  Do you have a space that you wish to rent and needs a facelift for the floor?  We return floors to bare concrete and then apply a permeable acrylic coating to make them easily cleanable and attractive at very affordable costs.


  • Exterior Patio, Walkways and Pool Deck Systems:  Our sister company nDura Architectural Flooring Systems (  offers a proprietary and unique solution to exterior areas.  Our crews have been trained to install these unique finishes on concrete and also wood decks.

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