The DCOFNY  Management Team

DCOFNY is run by a small management team backed by a super group of craftsmen and a warehouse full of the finest equipment money can buy, the largest in the Metro Area.  We have no salespeople, as you work directly with our estimating and planning department.  Whether an architect, designer, general contractor, developer, or owner you get total attention to your project.   




Tom also owns two other companies:  Nationwide Commercial and Industrial Services (www.nationwideicc.com) which Tom established in 1986  and is focused on large commercial, industrial, and national chains, in virtually all facets of the flooring industry working across the country and even traveling to Hawaii and Guam.



Project Manager

Ginny is the glue that holds everything together.  She joined us in 2018 with a BA in Business, and a background in civil engineering.  Once a project is established it is her responsibility to organize and implement it.  She schedules the work, assigns the technicians that are best suited for the project, and makes sure that all materials are available, and equipment is in top condition.  Nothing happens until Jinny puts her stamp of approval on the job.  She is there from project commencement to completion



Operations Manager

John earned a BA in Economics and rather than joining Merrill Lynch chose to enter the construction industry after serving his country in the Marine Corps.  With 20 years of construction and flooring industry experience he is the perfect person to make sure that all goes well in the field, and that our teams deliver the quality of service, work and professionalism we are known for.  Problems are not problems, as John makes sure things go as planned, as no one messes with an ex-marine.  As the saying goes “once a marine, always a marine”, John exemplifies that with his attention to detail and his demand for excellence.